Shilin night Market: Where to eat in Taipei, Taiwan

We picked up a piece of the salmon in front of us as well as raised the chopsticks to our drooling mouths. The hotness of the freshly cooked morsels dominated at very first however within a few seconds’ linger, the taste took over our palates. Hannah, one of my blogger friends, turned to me as well as I threw the thrilled look back at her.

Hannah as well as I took one more bite as well as excitedly invited Mica to try it, too, who likewise discovered it very delightful. the best part, it expense only NT 100 (around PHP 130). The cut was a little thin however still, I question I’d discover a 130-peso salmon meal (with rice as well as soup) in Manila.

Fried salmon as well as prawns
That salmon was not the only gastronomic delight that made our trip to Shilin night Market miserable. Yes, miserable. It was just so agonizing to get bombarded by a gazillion mouth-watering dishes while carrying a not-so-empty stomach with very restricted capacity. the market is brimming with so much tempting street food, as well as I wished to try them all. It was tough picking what to try as well as what to try very first amidst the ocean of people that flooded through the doorway to the food court. The moment I made a decision to try one eatery, the seats would be occupied nearly magically. however that’s part of what makes Shilin night Market an experience on its own.

Shilin night Market: An Overview

Shilin night Market is one of the oldest night markets in the region with a history that can be traced back to as early as 1899 when it was just a location where only agricultural create was sold. In 1909, a daytime market was officially founded as well as was inaugurated in 1913. Taipei has developed quickly considering that then as well as the Shilin market with it. The surrounding blocks became house to lots of schools as well as establishments as well as the market has ended up being the go-to location for the growing number of patrons. Today, it comprises the primary building as well as the side alleys. Shilin opens in the late afternoon, between 4-5pm as well as closes at around 1am.

Exploring Shilin night Market

As early as we hopped onto the close-by bus stop, even before we might go into the market proper, we were greeted by a lane of stalls selling a salmagundi of finger foods for the pastry lovers like the cream-filled Japanese cakes, for the health and wellness conscious like fresh fruit chunks, as well as for the adventurous like boiled innards as well as blood blocks. While I was absolutely tempted, I tried my hardest to neglect them for I was saving my voracious appetite for what was inside the market.

The market is composed of two levels of labyrinths. The ground floor as well as the adjacent alleys home mainly souvenir product shops, apparel stores, as well as fruit stands. At one of the mouths of the alley are stores selling Taiwan souvenir tee shirts as well as other memorabilia. To the ideal are a lot more clothes as well as shoes stalls. likewise present are a lot more branded stores including Giordano as well as Adidas branches.

I don’t even understand what these are…
Shilin night Market Ground Floor
Tucked in a corner by the entrance is a staircase that leads to the basement, hosting a maze of food stalls using a large variety of Taiwanese delicacies as well as Oriental favorites. some of the most typical as well as a lot of prominent right here are fried squids, grilled poultry tails, breaded poultry (fried poultry steak), Taiwanese sausages, fried buns, as well as oyster omelette among others, served by the food court’s nearly 540 stalls as well as eateries.

Shilin night Market: Food Court
Entrails, anyone?
A dash of Japan: Japanese cakes!
Seafood Overload: Fried crabs, fried squids, tempura! #SakitSaBatok
One of the food stalls we identified promptly was an eatery serving mainly quick-fried dishes. I bought a slice of salmon, Hannah a serving of prawns, as well as Mica oyster omelette. The fascinating part was that they cooked the dishes on a large fryer in front of us as we sat there waiting, watching, drooling. When the meal was ready, they lay down a foil on the fryer as well as just placed the food on it, keeping it warm the whole time.

Aside from the salmon, I had a couple of sticks of poultry tails, Taiwanese sausages, as well as red bean sandwiches. washed them all down with a cup of grape shake. The typical grapes in Taiwan are darker, bigger, as well as sweeter, so having that cup was refreshing in a lot more ways than one. I even ended up getting a lot more items for takeout.

Frugal Mode! We were provided TN200 worth of vouchers as well as stalls with signs like this one accept them! We ended up spending nearly nothing at all.
Sure, night markets are not special to Taipei. Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia as well as lots of others have them, too. Every night market has its own character, as well as Shilin absolutely hasאחד החזקים ביותר. האורות המסנוורים של שלטים צבעוניים, הריח המזמין של המעדנים המהפנטים, הקריאות הבלתי ניתנות לעמוד בפניו של נצים ידידותיות, כמו גם התחרות העזה על החלל, כולם נפגשים כדי להפוך את זירת השוק הלילה בשילין לחוויה מעניינת כמו גם מספקת את זה אין לפספס אם אתה בודק את טייפיי.

כמו כן אתה יכול להזמין מלונות כמו גם טיולים באמצעות Airasiago! בקר באתר האינטרנט שלהם בכתובת, כמוהם בפייסבוק בכתובת, כמו גם ציית להם בטוויטר בכתובת

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