The Drenched humor of BANTAYAN ISLAND, CEBU

Claps of thunder resonated over the island as lightning flashes broke the growing darkness. enjoying the heavenly spectacle, I stood at the beach contemplating whether to stay or head back to my room. It had been a while considering that I last swam in the rain, however the lightning was scaring the schnitzel out of me. just a few moments ago, the sun was shining brilliantly as well as under it was me, lazing on the sand, pretending that I had the entire beach. The Visayan skies are fickle. weather condition modifications fast, nearly as quick as our stay in Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island is Cebu’s fastest rising beach destination. What utilized to be a sleepy fishing village years back has been enjoying the fruits of tourism as tourists look for laid-back options to Boracay. Bantayan has discovered its method to Cebu all inclusive travel bundles however stays a preferred among backpackers for its sheer appeal as well as tranquil atmosphere. found off the northern idea of Cebu, it is a three-hour bus trip as well as a one-hour ferry trip away from Cebu City. Its remoteness contribute to its nearly undisturbed quietness. The island is split into three municipalities: Bantayan, Madridejos, as well as Santa Fe.

I understood my affair with Bantayan would be short so I was figured out to make it wonderful as well as take each moment. After a long boat trip from Malapascua, we shown up at Anika resort in Santa Fe even before the check-in time. however we didn’t squander any type of second. While they were still prepping our room, we excitedly hit the beach! the very best part, we had the beach all to ourselves.

Santa Fe’s large bed of white sand
A red boat waltzing with the waves
Bantayan Island’s greatest possession is its white, white, white sand! It is so white that it can provide Boracay a run for its vacationer money. It is extremely fine however not as well fine to smudge the crystal remove water, which, by the way, is likewise extremely shallow. best for youngsters as well as non-swimmers (like me).

After a quick see to the town appropriate to rummage for food as well as Kota beach to tiptoe on its popular sandbar, I headed back to Anika Resort’s beachfront for relaxation as well as reflection.

Kota Beach’s sandbar during low tide
Anika Resort’s beachfront shade
Each second my toes dipped in it is a moment of therapy. as well as each footprint I left on its carefully sloping bed was wiped off by the weakly rolling waves. I embraced the waves as well as often fought it as if I were a bit youngster who had seen the sea for the very first time. By lunch time I was lying under the shade by the shore, reading a book as well as enjoying a glass of mango shake. The sunlight fried. The waves shimmered. The wind danced. as well as I was in the middle of it all, just taking everything in. Life is a beach, after all.

And then, so unexpectedly it rained. The grey clouds hovered, sparking lightnings as well as drenching me with Bantayan Island’s odd sense of humor.

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